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Conference presentations

INTERUV Second Regional Conference in Rome, 6 - 7 November 2013
Beata Skibińska Short introduction to the INTERUV project and presentation of INTERUV report on internationalisation and joint study programs
Johan Robberecht Europe and South Mediterranean Region – different aspects of cooperation, trends and perspectives for future joint initiatives
Maria Sticchi Damiani The external dimension of the Bologna Process and ioint study programmes

Guido Zucconi

Abdelhamid Fehri

Joint study programmes in cooperation with South Mediterranean countries: TPTI- Techniques, Patrimoine, Territoires de l'Industrie – EMMC

Marta Arzarello

Larbi Boudad

Joint study programmes in cooperation with South Mediterranean countries: IMQP - International Master and PhD in Quaternary and Prehistory – EMMC & EMJD

Francesco Girotti

Luca Lantero

Management of joint programmes and recognition of joint degrees


Claire Herrmann

Zeineb Mazouz

Patrice Lallemand

Quality and sustainability of joint programmes:

Results of sustainability cluster

JISER-MED Joint Innovation & Synergies in Education and Research

European Master of Science of Viticulture and Œnology

Claire Herrmann How to develop EU-South Mediterranean Countries joint programmes within the new Framework Programme? The new European Framework Programme for cooperation and mobility Erasmus+
Martina Friedrich

How joint study programmes are supported by the "Erasmus+" programme - characteristic of action, expert's advice to potential applicants - what to avoid and what to pay attention to when preparing a proposal


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Key Action 1