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Study visit

INTERUV Joint study programmes: facilitator for university internationalisation

Study visit Erasmus University Rotterdam

Friday 23 May 2014

Venue: Campus Woudestein, M Building


The 3rd INTERUV regional conference took place in The Hague on 21 and 22 May 2014 gathering representatives from 16 European countries and countries of the Western Balkan region.

The aim of the conference was to strengthen the awareness and improve the knowledge about joint programmes and its influence on the internationalisation of HEIs. Complementary to the conference a programme was offered to the HEIs and NTO (National Erasmus+ Offices) representatives of the Western Balkan region.

The overall objective of the study visit was to give information and exchange experiences regarding internationalisation strategies and the development of joint programmes. The Dutch context was used as a starting point.


Target group: representatives of NTOs and of HEIs of the Western Balkan region.
Participants: 25-30

Specific objectives:

  1. To learn and discuss about the role and impact of internationalization policy at institutional level.
  2. To learn and discuss about the relevance of joint programmes for the internationalisation of higher education.
  3. To learn and discuss the key aspects of the development and implementation of joint programmes (preferably one module and one entire programme).
  4. To learn about the instruments Dutch HEIs use to assure the quality of international activities (Code of conduct etc).


Internationalisation policy, the experience of the EUR - Prof.dr Ellen Hey, Chair Advisory Committee Internationalisation Education, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Joint programmes in practice: the EMLE & EDLE programmes - Mr. Wicher Schreuders, Coordinator EMLE & EDLE

Mobility and cooperation with WB under Erasmus Mundus action 2: experience of the NIHES - Ms. Bianca Knotter, NIHES

Transnational Cooperation - Ms Marjolein van Griethuysen, Erasmus University