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Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji
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VIAA / Latvia

VIAA / Latvia

For almost 15 years now State Education Development Agency (VIAA) is working to promote the development of initial and further education in Latvia. Since the establishment of the Agency its fields of responsibility have been constantly growing and consolidating, and its activities have become more diverse. As of July 2009 VIAA has taken over the functions of the Education Innovation Fund (EIF), but as of 2010 – the functions of the Academic Programme Agency. Thereby its field of activity has significantly expanded, but it is precisely this diversity which helps to recognize and to comprehend the immense significance of the education system within socio-economic processes.

VIAA, by becoming a one-stop-agency for services in initial and further education and science, delivers:

  • cooperation Authority functions for administration of EU Structural Funds in the 2007-2013 planning period;

  • implementation of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013 in Latvia;

  • information on the Erasmus Mundus II (2009-2013) programme (EM National Structure) and Tempus IV (2007-2013) programme (Tempus National Contact Point);

  • implementation of Bologna Experts National Team, Latvia, 2011-2013 project;

  • administration of the EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norway Financial Mechanism;

  • implementation of the Swiss Contribution grant schemes;

  • implementation of the Nordic Council of Ministers education and research programme „Nordplus Framework Programme”;

  • functions of the Latvian contact point for the European Language Label project;

  • cooperation with foreign institutions and international organizations in the selection of candidates for scholarships offered by foreign and international organizations in the field of education and science;

  • Latvian representation within the EU Information and Guidance network Euroguidance etc.


Contact for INTERUV project:

Ms Antra Mengele / antra.mengele@viaa.gov.lv / Deputy Head of the Erasmus programme Unit