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Mr. Theo Hooghiemstra / Director of Erasmus+ National Agency, NUFFIC (NL)

Mr. Theo Hooghiemstra / Director of Erasmus+ National Agency, NUFFIC (NL)


21 May 2014 / 14:00 - 15:30

Welcome and opening remarks



On 1 January 2014, Theo Hooghiemstra (1971) took up his position as a member of Board of Directors of Nuffic.
Theo will complement the Board of Directors on an interim basis until at least 1 January 2015. As a member of the Board, Theo will be responsible for the International Recognition, Capacity Building and Scholarships departments as well as the National Agency for Lifelong Learning.

Theo Hooghiemstra has many years of experience as an education consultant, manager, interim manager and administrator, particularly in the education and public sectors. Last year, Theo held the position of interim director at Stenden University of Applied Sciences where his portfolio included restructuring the institution's contract funding for education and research.

At CHN University Netherlands (which has since merged with Drenthe University of Applied Sciences to form Stenden University of Applied Sciences), he also gained international experience as that institution's international affairs director. Theo has also served as an interim director of the Dutch Secondary Education Council (VO-raad) and as an executive director responsible for repositioning VOS/ABB, the governing organisation for public and private education. Theo acquired experience as a management consultant at both Ernst & Young and Boertiengroep.

Theo Hooghiemstra studied Business Administration at the University of Groningen (graduated in 1995) and pursued a number of other study programmes including a postgraduate Management Consultant programme at the VU University Amsterdam. Theo is a member of the board of the Disability Studies in the Netherlands Foundation, a knowledge organisation dedicated to promoting social participation by people with a disability.