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Fundacja Rozwoju Systemu Edukacji
Aleje Jerozolimskie 142A
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Mr. Giovanni Finocchietti / Erasmus Mundus National Structure, PNC Cimea (IT)

Mr. Giovanni Finocchietti / Erasmus Mundus National Structure, PNC Cimea (IT)


9 May 2013 / 9:30 - 11:15


Joint programmes  - a challenge for the HEIs: the most frequently identified problems and obstacles at university and national level; nature and types of joint qualifications, European trends in JP developments. Subjective selection prepared by the INTERUV consortium


INTERHED: The Internationalisation of Higher Education. An on-line training course

Giovanni Finocchietti is Director of the Erasmus Mundus National Contact Point – Italy (www.erasmusmundus.it). He is Senior Executive at CIMEA (Centro di informazione sulla mobilità e le equivalenze accademiche), the Italian NARIC-ENIC centre for information and advice on mobility and academic recognition issues (www.cimea.it).  He is a sociologist and is the Director of the “Eurostudent survey on the living conditions of university students in Italy”  (http://www.eurostudent-italia.it/), a project carried out since 1993 in the framework of the Europe-wide comparative survey Eurostudent - Social and economic conditions of student life in Europe (http://www.eurostudent.eu/). He has also carried out a number of surveys on different issues related to Higher Education in Italy and in the International scenario. He is a member of the editorial staff of the journal UNIVERSITAS (www.rivistauniversitas.it).