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Dr. Lika Glonti / National Tempus Office (Georgia)

Dr. Lika Glonti / National Tempus Office (Georgia)


9 May 2013 / 11:45 - 12:45


Presentation of Higher Education sector in Caucasus


Dr Lika Glonti studied in Georgia (Master) and Germany (PhD). Her basic academic background is in neuroscience, but since last fifteen years she is working in the field of education and is a distinguished expert in postsecondary education policy, being involved in both legislative and executive aspects of education reform in Georgia. Previously she has worked for the World Bank, Council of Europe, OSGF, ETF and other organizations as a local expert and consultant in a number of applied projects. Lika Glonti is Bologna expert, member of the Bologna Supporters Group, board member of the Association for Adult’s Education in Georgia and European Association of Institutional Research. At the same time she has working experience at state (Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University) and private (Caucasus International University; University of Georgia) universities, occupying both, academic and administrative positions.

Dr Lika Glonti is a qualified and experienced researcher with expertise in

  • Investigation and analyze of the education system
  • Elaboration of legislation for education system, critical analyze of legislative framework
  • Design and implementation of training courses for academic and administrative staff of education institutions etc.

She participated in numerous applied projects focusing on the fields of higher, vocational and adult education, developing legislative frameworks, strategic documents and reform action plans; was pioneer of institutional quality assurance services as head of QA unit at the Tbilisi State University; served as a head of National Accreditation Council for Higher Education and is author of several international publications on this topic. As team leader of many projects Dr Lika Glonti was coordinating work of different educational institutions, governmental authorities and NGOs, collaborating with local and international experts. Since 2009 Dr Lika Glonti is coordinator of National Tempus Office Georgia and in this position responsible for promoting and supporting EU-Georgia collaboration in the field of higher education.